Party Backdrop {DIY Frame}

My sweet little twins just celebrated their 3rd birthday and we had a vintage “Dick & Jane” style birthday party to celebrate. I loved creating and planning this party, but when it came to the table backdrop I was stuck. Lately, my party backdrops have been stuck in a rut (usually fabric draped with pennant banners) and I really wanted to use something different that would make the simple table pop and this backdrop was PERFECT!

I talked my sweet husband into helping me create a frame based on a shelf I found at Canton(a huge outdoor flea market) but due to the crazy price tag, $90 I didn’t go home with.

I’m going to show you how to make your own frame for your next party backdrop and embellish it with handmade drawstring bags that double as a party favor.

I wanted the frame to be light and easy to transport so I started with a 2×4 sheet of 3/16″ plywood. My hubby cut 4 strips 4″ wide and then cut 2 sides 10″ shorter to make the total size of the frame 38 x 48.

Cut a 45 degree angle to make the mitered corners.

Tape the corners to secure while you draw your design.  I free-handed a scrolly design along the edges.

Using a jigsaw cut out the design.

Now it’s time to put the frame together. Use wood glue to secure each side, for added strength use the corner piece discarded from when you cut the mitered corners and attach it with a heavy duty staple gun.

I wanted to be able to use this frame for future parties so I spray painted it a neutral cream.  Then I used a yard and a half of fabric and tightly stretched it across the back of the frame. Staple in place and cut or pin back an excess.

At this point you could leave it as is, but since I wanted to be able to hang party favor bags on the backdrop I added two layers of twine.  I simply stretched it loosely across, tie a knot and secure with a staple to the back. I made sure that once the bag was hung from the top row it didn’t droop down to low and touch the other row of bags (you may have to adjust a few times.)

Now you have a perfect party backdrop that can be reused again and again. This backdrop frame cost me $15, but the fabric is being re-purposed and used to make dresses for my girls. So technically it really only cost $9 for the wood. ;)

Pop over to Oink! The Blog to see how I made the drawstring party bags, which were also a big part of my party backdrop…and bonus they doubled as party favors too!

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  1. Gorgeous table! I hopping over to Oink now to see how you made the party bags!

  2. That looks beautiful! I may have to adapt this to my lesser woodworking skills ;)


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