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Firecracker Favors


I love fireworks and wanted to incorporate them into our 4th of July BBQ, so I made firework favors.I recently discovered these cello bags from the G.T. Bag Company and love them.They are perfect for party favors.  I've been using jelly beans in the ones I have done so far.  I like the fact that they don't hold a ton of candy, just the right amount for little kids.  Plus you don't have to spend a fortune filling up jars of candy.I bought red, white and blue jelly beans and filled the bag with … [Continue reading...]

4th of July BBQ


Our city had their big 4th of July celebration this past weekend (weird I know, but they do it so they don't have to compete with everyone next weekend) and to celebrate we had a 4th of July BBQ with our family. I love 4th of July!  I love the fireworks, the red, white & blue, sparklers and BBQs, it's the perfect combination for a celebration!   I pulled out our party decorations from our 4th of July party last year and added a few new additions, like our 2x2 firecrackers, the 4th … [Continue reading...]

Building an Empire


Nine years ago today I married a wonderful man.  I knew I had scored a big catch, but over time I discover more and more each day how lucky I really am!My husband is unbelievably patient, funny, hard working, supportive and very good looking.  He is an excellent father.  I love watching him play football or sit down for a tea party.  It melts my heart when I see him snuggling with our kids and I love the fact that he indulges my crazy request to build things like a Grocery Store, cardboard … [Continue reading...]

Under the Sea


One of our sweet friends recently had a birthday and her mom asked me to create some centerpieces for the party.  The party was at Build-a-Bear, so most of it was spent making cute fluffy bears.  Do you see that cute scuba bear?  Darling, I want one! Aubrey with her ballerina bear.  This was our first time to visit Build-a-Bear and she loved it!  The birthday girl loves Little Mermaid so she wanted the decorations to tie in with the cake and party plates she purchased.  I used the Life's a Beach … [Continue reading...]

Grillin’ for Father’s Day


We don't do big gifts for Mother's Day or Father's Day, but I always try to do something special for my hubby to show him how much he is appreciated.  There were lots of really cute ideas out in blogland, but most of the ones I came across centered around ties.  My husband wears a tie to work everyday and hates them!  I wanted to do something that would reflect who he is and what he loves, and then inspiration struck.I was looking for a birthday card in my card stash and found this party … [Continue reading...]

Chicken Kabobs & Fruit Parfaits {Recipe}


I recently starting doing Bountiful Baskets (a fresh fruits & veggie co-op) and we have had so many delicious fruits & veggies.  It's been perfect for the summer because one of my favorite things about summer is grilling and dining al fresco.Tonight we had to use up lots of our veggies before they went bad so I made a simple, healthy and delicious chicken kabobs.  We used onions, bell peppers, portobella mushrooms and chicken.  We  seasoned half with a little olive oil and nature's seasoning and … [Continue reading...]

Lemonade Stand {Party}


While I was working on my Lemonade Stand Kits, I got carried away and a simple project morphed into something slightly bigger...does this ever happen to you?  I really can't help myself.  I can find just about any reason to have a little soiree, so a simple craft project turned into a cute Lemonade Stand party!I took our kids grocery store (the one we made for Christmas a few years ago) and transformed it into a sweet lemonade stand.I started by using some pink polka dot fabric I scored at Hobby … [Continue reading...]

Lemonade Stand Kit


 On a hot summer day nothing beats the heat like cool, refreshing lemonade.  And nothing is sweeter than kids serving up a refreshing glass of lemonade at their lemonade stand.  This classic summer activity is perfect: the kids have fun being outside, they learn the value of hard work and the basic principles of earning and saving money. I was at the grocery store the other day and a yellow sand bucket caught my eye.  I picked it up and immediately fell in love with the idea...make your own … [Continue reading...]



I just got my 4th of July decorations down from the attic and I've been busy working on plans for our 4th of July party.I remember seeing these 2x2 wooden firecrackers around blogland last year, but I never got around to making them. Then I saw Nap Time Crafts post with hers and decided I would go dig through my wood stash to make my own.  I didn't take step-by-step pics, but these are super simple to make.  I used 2x2 scraps of wood I had left over.  I cut them 7", 6" and 4.5".  I painted them … [Continue reading...]

Party Love

Strawberry Shortcake Party

I love parties and usually find lots of reasons to have one.  Sometimes I'll fancy up a boring family dinner just because I'm having party withdraws.  In fact my last party was in April and I am dying to have another one.  Fortunately I have several in the works - movie night, camping party, Sock Monkey baby shower, 4th of July and a few more. Now you may have already seen my Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party And our Easter Egg Hunt Party If you have then you know how much I love … [Continue reading...]