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Halloween Blocks


I simply adore Halloween, it is one of my favorite times of the year. My mom always decked the house in spooky Halloween decor and threw great parties for our friends. Now that I am a mom I find myself doing the exact same thing.I made these simple Halloween Blocks after completing another "pumpkin" project. I had some leftover wood and decided to put it to good use. You can see these blocks ALL over blogland, but I was inspired by the ones seen at Imperfectly Beautiful.I didn't take before … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday


Monday's have become a very busy day for us. We go to MOPS in the morning and by the time we get home for lunch everything seems rushed in order to get everyone down for a nap in time. I wasn't even going to do a muffin tin today (and the theme was super cute, Kebabs) but at the last minute decided we would throw one together to brighten our day (it's a rainy, dreary day here.)Here is little Miss A's muffin tin:She had bananas, marshmallows, grapes, a STAR PB&J, cheese crackers & juice. I … [Continue reading...]

Art on Display


We love to do craft and art projects around here. The problem is they pile up quickly, or end up being trashed or stashed in a closet so they don't clutter up the house, (ie,the refrigerator) I HATE clutter and wanted a cute way to display the kids art and showcase the fun things we make.So I created a simple and easy "Art Gallery" for Aubrey to showcase her latest work. She loves to show people what she did and we can easily rotate things out to make room for new "masterpieces."Here are the … [Continue reading...]

All About Aubrey


Today is Monday and that means it's Muffin Tin Monday. We haven't been able to participate in a while with our crazy schedule but we were thrilled to get in on the action today. The theme was All About Me and so I thought this would be a great time to "interview" Aubrey, an idea I stole from my friend Jenny who recently interviewed her daughter.Aubrey's All About Me InterviewWhat is your name? AubreyWhen were you born? January 22How old are you? TwoWho is your mommy? You are, mommy.What … [Continue reading...]

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2 Birthday Party


Our twins celebrated their first birthday in style...Dr. Seuss style that is. We threw a Thing 1 & Thing 2 birthday bash for our sweeties and I had a blast planning for this special day.Sign for the front doorMy inspiration came from Amy @ Stem Parties many months ago while I was pondering what to do for their birthday. I found several other Dr. Seuss themed parties here, here & here. Armed with lots of great ideas I set out to create a spectacular party for our Thing 1 & 2!I found these … [Continue reading...]

Guess Who’s Turning 1?


My beautiful babies, Parker & Piper celebrated their 1st birthday today! Surprisingly, I felt an array of emotions today as I watched my twins on this very special day.I can vividly remember the flood of emotions I felt when the Dr. informed me we were having twins. "This can't be happening!", "How am I going to manage twins?" "Will everything be okay?" I was so shocked to find out we were having twins (Aubrey was only 13 months old when we found out.) I couldn't fully embrace the joy and … [Continue reading...]

A is for Apple


Since our week started off with a Apple theme for Muffin Tin Monday I decided to keep it going with some crafts this week.Here are 2 simple crafts that we made.Stuffed Apple1. Gather supplies - brown lunch sack, green construction paper, old newspaper, red paint, scissors, glue & paint brush.2. Paint the sack red. As you can see Aubrey decided it would be mush better to paint with her hands.3. Crumple several sheets of newspaper and stuff in bag.4. Tie top of bag to form the stem. Glue the … [Continue reading...]

Apple Picking – MTM


I love fall, it's one of my favorite times of the year. I love all the rich colors, the warm clothes, the crisp air in the morning, the smell of cinnamon, apples and pumpkins and of course Halloween. I had the opportunity several years ago to go apple picking in upstate NY and I immediately feel in love with this fall tradition. Today's MTM theme is apples and as I was trying to come up with ideas it struck me that I could use this great "apple picking" tradition.Since we live in Texas and it … [Continue reading...]

Simply Delicious


I have been on a new quest lately for simple, delicious and healthy recipes. With my sister's wedding quickly approaching and the thought of being in a swimsuit for 5 days (we are going on a cruise) it is a must that I lose a few pounds. My challenge is my hubby who insist we have "meat" with dinner and "no diet food" so you can imagine my excitement when I ran across this recipe for Chicken Parmesan Subs.This super easy, quick and healthy recipe came from Eating Well and it's definitely … [Continue reading...]

Wild Wonders


We loaded up the kids and took them to the Ft. Worth Zoo for a fun filled day with monkeys, lions, gorillas and much, much more.There was so much to see and do and the kids were full of smiles the entire day. I love experiencing such simple pleasures through the eyes of a child. There is something magical and contagious about a child's curiosity & wonder and it was such fun to see their excitement from exhibit to exhibit.Here are some of my favorite pics from the day...Aubrey feeding the … [Continue reading...]