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‘Tweet’ Growth Chart


A friend saw the growth chart I made for our kiddos and commissioned me to make one for hers. She sent me a couple examples of what she was looking for and we decided on a tree/bird theme.I was a little anxious about getting started on this one, I had a vision but wasn't sure how it would turn out. Fortunately, it all came together and I think it turned out great. I like it so much I seriously considered redoing ours!First, I painted the tree, leaves and grass.Next, I painted a bird on the … [Continue reading...]

Picking Berries


Today we took a trip out to Bailey's Berry Patch to pick blueberries and blackberries.My Grandma B is in town this week and we thought it would be fun to take a family outing that everyone would enjoy. I have wanted to do this for a while now with the kids and it was a perfect day for berry picking!The kids get their own little buckets to fill with sweet, juicy berries...that is if they can stop eating them.Aubrey LOVES blueberries and would put one berry in her bucket and eat 10. She helped … [Continue reading...]

Bottle Cap Necklace


Our sweet friend Kiley is turning 4 and she adores Justin Bieber...or as my cutie likes to call him Justin "Beaver" (she honestly thought he was a beaver, she was very confused when I showed her the necklaces. Oh, how I love her!)I wanted to get her a gift that was related to her interest (aka: Justin Bieber) but I couldn't find anything appropriate so I decided to make her some bottle cap necklaces with his picture.This was my first attempt at these, but it was easy and SUPER cheap (I'm … [Continue reading...]

Teacher Gifts


Today is the last day of school here and my sister wanted to give the teachers on her team a little gift to show her appreciation for the amazing teachers she works with. She asked me if I would come up with something and since I owe her a billion favors (and I love to make things with the Cricut) I said yes.Here is what I came up with:I picked up some tiles at the Habitat Restore for $.79 a piece and cut out the saying "Live, Laugh, Teach" in vinyl. I cut out a red apple, added some red … [Continue reading...]

Monogrammed Glasses


My friend Allison's sister-in-law was in town this past weekend and she saw the fun coasters I made, which sparked a conversation about my love for crafts and making things with my beloved Cricut. Later that evening she sent me a picture of some glasses she liked and wondered if I would be interested in making some for her...OF COURSE!These monogrammed wine glasses are for a bachelorette party, aren't they cute!?! They are going to be visiting some wineries and these will be the favors.I think … [Continue reading...]

Memorial Day Weekend


We didn't make any big plans this year for Memorial Day, but we had a packed weekend with lots of fun. We had outdoor BBQ's with friends, played in the sprinklers in the backyard, stayed up way to late, went to the zoo, listened to music at an outdoor concert and enjoyed some spectacular fireworks. It was a great weekend with friends and family and we are grateful for freedom and the opportunities we have because of the brave men and women that serve and protect our country!These are some … [Continue reading...]

Lots of Lavender


A friend of mine has been redoing her sweet little girls bedroom and asked me to help her with a few projects. It's been fun and really makes me want to get started with Aubrey's room redo (can't find fabric I love for the bedding, yet. Anybody have a fabric source they love?)I made a custom cornice board, which turned out adorable, but of course I forgot to take pictures of it. She wanted it to match this sweet bedding from Land of Nod.I painted a a custom dress up suitcase for her. Love … [Continue reading...]

Pink or Blue?


I am so EXCITED about this particular post...we are going to have another baby!No, not me sillies...my sister! My beautiful sister and her husband are expecting their first baby in January and everyone is thrilled for them and excited to welcome a new baby to the family. This has been killing me because I have know for quite a while now, but was sworn to secrecy until they were ready to tell everyone. She recently had a sonogram and the two of them were having a hard time keeping it a secret … [Continue reading...]



This weekend my hubby and I got a chance to run errands without kids so we headed to one of our favorite places to go...The Habitat Restore. Now that's my idea of a date!I am always on the hunt for a bargain and I have a laundry list of projects I want to do so the Restore is the ideal place to look for the supplies I need. I got several items I can't wait to get started on...chair rail, molding, picture frames, ect. so stay tuned!I scored 20 small tiles for $1. Now, I was supposed to be … [Continue reading...]

What I Know…


about being a mother is that it is an incredible journey full of ups and downs, tears and laughter, heartbreak and joy. I never realized how crazy difficult and rewarding being a mom could be.I admire the numerous women in my life who have been amazing examples and shown me how to be a great mom. Today on Mother's Day I honor each of you...My grandmother's who are both the most caring, generous and unselfish people I know have taught me the importance of service and helping others; a trait I … [Continue reading...]