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Santa’s Workshop – Paper Dolls


This Christmas Santa & his elves (aka Mommy & Daddy) were very busy crafting, woodworking and sewing gifts for our little ones. I knew I wanted some personalized gifts that the kids would get lots of creative play from. While searching for that perfect gift I stumbled upon several ideas and like always muttered the famous "Oh, I can make that." Luckily we finished everything in the nix of time (4 am Christmas morning to be exact) but it was all worth it. The kids love their gifts and I … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Wreath


It's 3 am and I am waiting on my printer to finish printing the 183 page document I need for work before 9 am tomorrow so I thought I might as well be productive & catch up on my blog.Here is another one of our cute Christmas crafts we have done this month. We used a paper plate, green paint, construction paper, glue, red pom poms & red ribbon to complete this project.I let Aubrey paint the plate green while I cut out the holly leaves. I had originally cut the plate first, but then realized … [Continue reading...]

Frosty the Snowman


We have been doing several Christmas crafts & this was one of our favorites. I will also always remember this craft because it has a funny story to go with it (although it was not funny at the time!)While outside collecting branches for the snowman's arms my lovely almost 3 year old decided she needed to lock the front door. Needless to say I spent the next 10 minutes outside in the cold trying to coach her how to unlock it, yelling at her do "unlock the door, NOW!" and wondering what on earth … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Traditions


One of my favorite things about being a parent is having the opportunity to create memories & traditions with our kids. As a child one of my favorite Christmas traditions was building gingerbread houses. My parents love this time of year & there are so many special memories to choose from, but I always loved the gingerbread creations my family would create. Now these weren't just any old houses, they were elaborate works of art (I wish I had a picture to show you). Sometimes there would be … [Continue reading...]

Reindeer Treats


I saw this really cute idea for quick and easy Christmas cookies and we decided to try them the other night. This was a GREAT cookie project for the kids since it was simple & there was very little mess, which mommy loves!All you need to make these yummy treats are:Nutterbutter cookiesVanilla icingChocolate chipsRed M&M'sMini pretzelsSpread a small amount of icing at the top of the cookie and put the pretzel on for antlers. Add the chocolate chips for eyes & the M&M for the nose and now you … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Christmas Breakfast


WOW, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Nov 18th! We have been busy! My sister got married, hubby & I got to take a week cruise w/out the kids, and the holidays have officially arrived and kept us running from one thing to the next.Anyway, I was excited to finally be able to do a muffin tin meal and participate in MTM. I didn't check the theme until this morning, but was thrilled to see it was "Christmas Breakfast." One of my family's favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas … [Continue reading...]

Watch Me Grow


I got this idea after visiting a friend who recently had a baby. They had purchased a wooden growth chart to display in her nursery and measure her milestones. I love the fact that it isn't permanent (like the door jam, where my hubby's family measured their height) and that we can use it for all 3 kiddos.Like I all too often do I uttered the famous "Oh, I can do that" and 3 months later finally finished the project. Now this is a VERY easy project and should only take a few hours to … [Continue reading...]

The Beach & A Kiss


Actually, Beach Ornaments & a Kissing Ball! My sisters wedding is only 1 week away & we have been busy finalizing the last details. Fortunately, there haven't been too many to take care of since they will be getting married on a cruise (and they do most of the planning) but we have been busy nonetheless.Today we worked on the Kissing Ball for little Miss A. to carry down the aisle. The cruise won't allow you to bring on fresh flowers and the prices were astronomical so we opted not to order … [Continue reading...]

Joyful Countdown


My sister recently made these adorable Christmas Countdown blocks at a church craft event. They ordered the kits from Windmill Lettering and she was super sweet and got me a set to make.Last night was our McKinney Marthas Craft Night and we were doing this as our project. So I took my unfinished blocks and completed them while enjoying the company of great girlfriends!You can easily make your own, Jenny shows you how on her website or you can order the kits for you & your friends. Either way … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Halloween


Oh, Muffiin Tin Monday how we have missed you! To say our schedule lately has been hectic is an understatement! We are thrilled to once again participate in MTM and I was excited to see the theme this week is Halloween. FUN, FUN, FUN.Here is what we had in our muffin tin this week!Front Row: Spider Crackers, Pumpkin Patch, Skeleton BonesSpiders (peanut butter crackers w/pretzels)Pumpkin Patch (sun-dried tortillas w/cheese filling), Skeleton Bones (bread sticks)Second Row: Apple Bites, … [Continue reading...]