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St. Paddy’s Day Party


I love to throw parties and look for any excuse to have I threw together a St. Paddy's Day party for some of our adorable friends. The weather was GORGEOUS so we threw down some blankets in the backyard, moved the grocery store outside, gathered up some sidewalk chalk and let everyone loose (11 kiddos to be exact). A party wouldn't be complete without tasty food so I put together some simple snacks to help celebrate.I printed the cupcake toppers from TomKat Studio and then used my … [Continue reading...]

Spring Blossoms


The weather is getting warmer, tress have started to blossom and flowers are starting to poke up, all signs that Spring is just around the corner. My daughter loves the "popcorn trees" also known as Bradford Pears so we created our very own.Gather your supplies- Construction paper, popcorn, glue, scissors.Draw a tree trunk on construction paper and let child paint it.Cut out the tree and then let child glue it to blue background paper. We added some green grass too.Put your popcorn blossoms on … [Continue reading...]

Celebrating Dr. Seuss


Today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday and we couldn't resist celebrating the amazing author and stories that have inspired reading in children for decades.My sister teaches kindergarten and had reminded me that this event was coming up, but I honestly let it slip my mind until this morning when a friend dropped off her son so she could go to the school to participate in the activities with her kindergartner.So I had to work with what we had on is our version of green eggs and ham that we had … [Continue reading...]

Chalkboard Menu Planner


One of my goals has been to do a better job of planning our weekly menu so we avoid those last minute "I don't want to cook, we don't have anything to eat, let's just go out" moments. We are trying to eat healthier and the local drive through doesn't really fit the bill and taking a 3 year old and 1 year old twins out to a restaurant these days isn't really my idea of a good time!A few months ago I made this beauty at our monthly craft night with the intention to use it as a Menu Board, but it … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Rainbow


Today it is a rainy, cloudy day and we are hanging out in our jammies, reading books, doing puzzles, making a cute "rainy day craft" and enjoying our bright muffin tin!I saw this cute craft a few days ago on Crafty Crow and threw it in my inspiration folder waiting for the right time to use it. Today was that day...this adorable rain cloud was perfect for a day like today. We used the free download from Dallé Un Coliño and everyone, including the twins had fun making the colorful, glittery … [Continue reading...]

Busy Bee


We have had lots of fun this week with our crafts and activities, which have focused on the letter B. This project was a big hit and this little "B" has been quite busy entertaining a cute 3 year old.Once again No Time For Flashcards was our source for inspiration, here is how we made our Busy "B" Bee!1. Gather Supplies - Yellow construction paper with a capital letter "B" drawn on it, black construction paper, black pipe cleaners, paint, glitter, glue and scissors.2. Cut the black … [Continue reading...]

B is for Banana


This week for our crafts we have been focusing on the letter B. I wanted an activity that would help reinforce our focus on the letter, but went beyond paper & glue. As I was searching my silly calendar site I discovered that February 23rd is National Banana Bread Day, bingo activity found!I got my mom's Banana Nut Bread recipe and Aubrey & I set to work learning about the letter B and making a yummy treat.Banana Nut Bread Recipe1 3/4 cup flour2/3 cup sugar1 tsp. baking powder1/2 tsp. salt1/4 … [Continue reading...]

Flower Bouquet


Today's craft was inspired by Filth Wizardy. I told Aubrey we were going up to Daddy's office to eat lunch with him for his birthday and she wanted to make him a present. When I asked her what she wanted to give him she said flowers, so we set to work creating a beautiful bouquet of flowers.Here is how you can make your own:1. Draw flowers, leaves and a circle on cardboard (we used cereal boxes) and cut out the shapes.2. Glue a toilet paper roll to the circle with a hot glue gun, creating … [Continue reading...]

Muffin Tin Monday – Red


Today's Muffin Tin Monday theme is RED! Since Daddy is off today we decided to do a muffin tin breakfast so we can go out and do something fun this afternoon.Our muffin tin was simple, but everyone enjoyed it! Here is what we had:Red strawberries, red grapes, red apple, red cherry yogurt, and a special red toast heart with strawberry jam. We used our mini red tins to complete this very red breakfast.Don't forget to visit Michelle at Muffin Tin Mom for more great ideas and to see what other … [Continue reading...]

Tortilla Soup


I thought I would share this very tasty Tortilla Soup recipe with you. It is a fantastic and quick recipe to prepare on a chilly day, or any day for that matter.I have adapted this recipe from a Mexican cookbook my husband gave me years ago. I just kept tweaking it until I found that perfect combination of yummy & quick.Tortilla SoupIngredientsPre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the deli14 oz can of diced tomatoes, drained14 oz can of corn3-4 cloves of garlic, finely diced1 small onion, finely … [Continue reading...]