One Little Word 2013: MAKE

Have you heard of the One Little Word project by Ali Edwards?  I had seen this several years ago and half heartily picked a word, but never really followed through with embracing it and making it my mantra for the year.  As a busy mom to three small children, a social media consultant and a blogger I often find myself struggling with time and focus…so resolutions or goals tend to get buried, forgotten or let’s face it just to hard to keep.

2012 was an exciting, busy and adventurous year for me, but with that also came some challenges, stress and self doubt.  I wanted (NEEDED) to hone in on the things that I can control, my family and creating the life I want to have.  So I decided to find that one little word that would help me embrace, focus and help guide me on my journey this year.  I considered lots of words, but as I listed some of my goals one word kept coming back to me…MAKE.

In 2013 I want to MAKE Memories with my kids.  MAKE do with the things I have.  I need to MAKE healthier choices for myself and my family.  I need to focus on MAKING time for the important people and things in my life (prioritizing is going to be key!)  I want to grow my business and MAKE money doing what I love.  I want to MAKE opportunities happen (instead of wishing they were happening for me.)  I want to MAKE projects/crafts/parties I am proud of and that will inspire others to MAKE them too!  I want to MAKE 2013 count!

I’m excited about finding balance, focus and joy in this one little word and look forward to the adventure ahead.

Have you picked one little word to guide you through 2013?  I’d love to hear what is inspiring you, leave a comment with your word (or what word you would choose.)


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  1. Love that word and it is perfect for your upcoming incredible year!

  2. I love the word that you chose for 2013. I had so many things held me back in 2012, one of them being me. I was thinking of chosing “try” for 2013 but I realized that “make” is much better. I hope you do not mind if I print out your inspiration and put it up on my wall to remind me to “make” not just wish to make something. Thank you for the great inspiration.


    • Of course not Megan, I hope it will inspire you to really “make” this year count! And of course, I’d love for you to share how your OLW works for you…we can all use a little inspiration and help!

  3. You know mine…No. I’m embracing those two letters. ♥

  4. Move…get out and exercise on a regular basis, don’t sit still, dance, as well as move literally (moving our household again). Move my business forward. You can check out my new FB page


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