Muffin Tin Monday- Beach Theme

Today there was no theme for MTM so I decided to use one that I have been thinking of for a while. With summertime in full swing here in Texas I decided we needed to do a “Beach” theme. I used to live on the coast and love the beach, unfortunately we aren’t close to one here, but who says you can’t bring it to you! All of our activities, including our Muffin Tin this week are centered around the Beach, so grab a beach towel, a fruity drink with an umbrella and enjoy!

Our “Beach” Muffin Tin…
Front Row: “Sandy Beaches”(chocolate pudding with crushed graham crackers), “Surfboard” rice krispie treat, Cream Cheese & Herb “Beach Ball”, Cracker & Cheese “Beach Towel”, Party Umbrellas
Back Row: Jell-o “Blue Ocean”, Swimming Gold Fish, Egg & Cheese “Sailboat”, Pineapple “Floaty”

This was not the most nutrtitious meal, but she loved it!

Our craft today was an adorable crab. I saw the idea at Our Crafts-N-Things and couldn’t wait to make it with Aubrey.

1. Gather your supplies – construction paper, red tissue paper, glue, paint brush, eyes, paper bowl.2. Have your child tear the red tissue paper into small pieces. While your child is tearing the tissue paper cut out the legs for the crab. 4. Glue the red tissue paper to the upside down bowl. Aubrey needed some help with this because the paper kept sticking to her hands.5. Glue the eyes and legs to the crab and set aside to dry.
6. Tear the green construction paper to make the seaweed and glue to the blue background paper. Then add your crab for the finished product.
Come back later this week and see what other “beach” fun we have in store!

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  1. Your muffin tin is so cute and I love the craft too!

  2. Eek! Too darn cute! I am going to have to get some paper bowls so we can make the crab!

  3. This is SUPER!! I may be using this for “copy cat” next week, as we will be at the beach!! I have been racking my brain for a beach theme! Perfect, LOVE IT!

  4. LOVE< LOVE> LOVE this! I'm posting our beach one tomorrow. You did such a wonderful job on this! I wouldn't even know where to begin to copy this one!

  5. I loved how you made one row the beach and one row the ocean. Very creative. :-)

  6. oh my goodness! You did such a great job! wow, I love the “surfboard”!

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