Dealing with the COUGHequences of Cold and Flu Season

With three kids in school it’s bound to happen…you know what I’m talking about, the dreaded flu.  Dealing with the COUGHequences of cold and flu season can be tough. Like any mom I hate when my kids get sick, not only does it break my heart to see them feel bad, but I hate feeling helpless and not being able to fix it.

COUGHequences of Cold and Flu Season_Sick Kids

When my kids start to feel a little under the weather I like to serve them a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup with a side of extra snuggles, but when that doesn’t help we turn to wonders of modern medicine.  To help our kids get the relief they need, Robitussin® has a long-acting liquid cough syrup that relieves cough symptoms for up to eight hours.  Which means they can get the rest they need to feel better quickly.

Robitussin COUGHequences and Chicken Noodle Soup

Did you know the common cold is a leading cause of doctor visits, with over 100 million visits paid to the doctor each year?  And up to 50% of those people who have a cold will develop a cough. Prolonged coughing can cause unpleasant side effects, such as chest pain, exhaustion, light-headedness, and interference with socializing and work.

COUGHequences Robitussin

Which is where Robitussin® comes in. Robitussin® has effectively treated cough, cold and flu symptoms for more than 50 years, and is doctor recommended and the No. 1 pharmacist-recommended brand among cough, cold and flu liquid combination products. And to help you avoid the COUGHequences of cold and flu this season, Robitussin® has a variety of products tailored just for you and your situation. Take a look at this infographic that breaks down the box for Robitussin Children’s Cough and Cold:

Robitussin Childrens Long Acting FINAL

Even when most of the symptoms of that dreaded cold or flu are gone, those persistent coughs can still linger.  Children suffer from 6-8 colds per year, double that of adults, and the cough is one of their most frequent symptoms. I learned that children with colds can produce up to 140 coughs daily and that isn’t fun for anyone.

Cold & Flu Infographic

Avoid the COUGHequences this cold and flu season.  Visit to see the consequences of not treating your symptoms, and the benefits of treating with Robitussin®. Watch the COUGHequences videos and you’ll be entered to win one of three sweepstakes – including a $10,000 trip for two!

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  1. I so dread the cold/flu season – especially since asthma affects us once we do get sick! UGH!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info, I have had my share of colds and flu this year. Not fun!

  3. Hi Mariah! Robitussin is a staple med at my house – as is Vicks vapo rub! No way could we survive the COUGHequences of cold & flu season without either of these great products! Excellent post! Hope you have an excellent Wednesday! I’m stopping by via SITS. :D

    • Thanks for stopping by! My mom is always recommending I try the Vicks vapor rub too, but I hated the smell as a kid…but I should probably give it a try with my own. :)

  4. My doctor recommends Robitussin when my daughters gets sick. It really does work well!

  5. Ugghh.. we cannot seem to stay healthy over here! That soup looks delish! Stopping by from SITS!

  6. Aww! Sick kids are the worst. I’ve been coughing for weeks now…literally, weeks…and it’s brutal!

  7. I hate it when my girls are sick. They are miserable and I am helpless. I was surprised to learn how many doctor visits the cold causes each year, and how many coughs daily when sick. And you are right, that is fun for no one. :(

  8. Awwww – look at that face!! Poor baby! Sick kids are the worst – so hard to feel helpless to fix it. Its great when you find something that will help, will have to check this out if pumpkin catches the cough going around!

  9. It’s so hard to see your kids under the weather. Their eyes look all glassy and red and those coughs just wrack their little bodies. I’m glad this provides some long lasting relief!

  10. Colds hit our house as well. We have no kids but me and my husband were big babies for a couple weeks while we took turns being sick. Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone is feeling better. Visiting from SITS.

  11. I have heard that this cold/flu season is awful!


  12. Cold and flu season can be rough! I love soup when I’m feeling under the weather… and lots of hot tea!

  13. I have not seen this products yet in our area. Thanks for sharing as I will look out for it. Chicken noodle soup is such a comfy food when you are sick! (From SITS)

  14. Nothing worse then a sick kid but that chicken noodle looks so tasty I’m sure your family would feel better in no time.

  15. We have been sick for weeks it seems! I’m nursing so all I can take in Robitussin DM- thought I took it when I had a LOT of morning sickness so it’s hard to swallow now.

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