Tattle Monster

Lately we have been having a big problem with tattling, and it's driving me crazy!  We have been trying very hard to teach the kids about the importance of working together, playing nicely and most important we don't need to know every little "she took my car" or "he won't share with me!" Introducing the newest addition to our family, Murry the Tattle Monster! Pin It Here's how Murry came to be...One of my sister's teacher friends pinned this on Pinterest & I repinned … [Read more...]

Watermelon Picnic {Party}

I created this sweet Watermelon Picnic party for my grandma's 80th birthday celebration. A family reunion was planned to help celebrate this big milestone.  Unfortunately, my little family was unable to make the trip to Utah to attend.  Although we couldn't be there I wanted to help make sure that she enjoyed her special day!  So I did what I do best and put together some party decorations for my mom to take with her. I set-up the party a few days before my parent's left for Utah so we could … [Read more...]

Sock Monkey Baby Shower

When we found out we were having boy/girl twins I decided to decorate their nursery with sock monkey's and vintage toys.  I used rich chocolate brown, red and cream and 3 years later still love their little room. So when my sister told me she needed some help throwing a baby shower for a dear friend, who is decorating her nursery with sock monkey's, I was super excited. I used a brown and red color palette with touches of baby blue.  I incorporated polka dots and stripes to keep it … [Read more...]

Thanks for Helping Me Grow {Teacher Gifts}

  I am constantly amazed at how wonderful teachers are, at least the ones I know.  Aubrey's teacher are so patient and kind and I've never seem them without a huge smile on their faces.  I adore her preschool and love how they engage the children with creative play, interactive experiments, gardening and cooking. She had her end of the year program and I wanted to say "Thank you" one last time to her amazing teachers.  They have helped her grow and learn so much this … [Read more...]

Spring Chick, Lamb & Bunny 2×4’s

Happy Spring!  Today is the first day of Spring and I had the urge to be crafty today...so I made some Spring 2x4 decorations to liven things up around here.Pin ItI was inspired by Craft Goodies 2x4 chick and rabbit, which you can find here.  I made my own version and I thought the bunny and chick needed a friend so I decided to make a fluffly lamb to keep them company.I started by cutting my 2x4's, I made 2-5" and 1-7".  Then I sketched out the bunnies ears and nose and had my hubby cut them … [Read more...]